China has decided to bribe US in a trade war


Photo: Hyungwon Kang / Reuters

China is in negotiations with US trade war is likely to propose to increase the import of American goods to avoid full-fledged trade conflict. The talks will be held in Washington next week. About this newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

It is expected that Vice-Premier of the state Council of China Liu he, who will represent Beijing at the talks, will be presented by specific proposals for reducing the trade imbalance with the United States. In particular, he will present a list of American goods that China could buy. “The representatives of China in the negotiations last week expressed its willingness to work with the us to reduce trade deficit,” the newspaper said.

In Beijing on may 4 ended the two-day talks between the US and China on trade issues. None of the parties has not made official statements, however it became known later that they are unable to agree on the termination of a trade war. In particular, it was reported that the US demanded China to reduce the trade deficit between the two countries is not less than $ 200 billion by 2020 (in 2017, the deficit of U.S. trade with China amounted to 375 billion dollars). Despite the lack of success following the talks, the sides confirmed their shared commitment to addressing economic and trade issues through dialogue.

Relations between the US and China has escalated this year after the us imposed protectionist measures affecting Chinese goods. One of the reasons was the high level of trade deficit. After that the parties impose on each other a number of trade restrictions that have caused concern in Washington and in Beijing.

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