Chinese accidentally ate pies for tens of thousands of yuan


Photo: Claro Cortes IV / Reuters

The Chinese decided to try steam cakes and mistakenly paid them several thousand yuan. This was reported by news portal CGTN.

The incident occurred in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province. Client diner probably mixed up the price of buns baozi with your password from the electronic wallet and paid 147,3 thousand yuan (about 1.4 million). The error went unnoticed for about a month until the cafe owner Hae Luju (He Liuzhu) not conducted a monthly accounting of income. According to him, complaints from the client he had received.

Lucio addressed to journalists with the request to find the hapless visitor as 140 thousand yuan are rather large sum even for the highest class, and the average monthly income of his cafes is only 10 million yuan (about 98 thousand rubles). He claims that he is haunted by conscience.

According to the publication, such errors occur quite often as most Chinese rely mostly on mobile payments.

Steamed cakes are widely distributed baozi in Chinese cuisine. These are made from yeast dough and the fillings often use ground pork with cabbage.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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