Dangerous viruses have learned to circumvent the protection of Google


Photo: Stephen Lam / Reuters

Hackers have learned to re-download deleted malware in Google Play. This is reported by researchers from Symantec in the blog.

According to experts, at least seven infected apps returned to the store after blocking, changing titles and publishers. Malicious code remained the same.

Malware disguised as calculators, smart keyboard, and voice recorders to record calls, but they were designated in the description of the function. Applications hiding after the installation, trying to gain access to the device. To avoid detection FOR a long time is not intensified and also changed their icon on Google Play.

The researchers claim that these apps were twisted casualties of the advertisement and deceived users, fake competitions, bringing great profit to the hackers. How many people have managed to download a threat to his re-removal from Google Play, is unknown.

In early may, experts in the field of cybersecurity company VUSec told about a new form of attacks on Android smartphones. Technology hacking got the name GLitch. According to experts, it uses an old vulnerability in hardware Rowhammer, which allows manipulation of data stored in the memory cells being compromised devices.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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