Found “bomb” to freeze a smartphone via WhatsApp


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In WhatsApp messenger appeared a text message that can bring down any gadget. About the new “text bombs” reported the British newspaper Daily Mail.

One of the locking device of the message is a malicious link disguised as interesting content: link “Read more” escorts reviews “This is a very interesting” (“This is very interesting”) with a laughing smiley. The second directly calls to verify vulnerability: “If you touch a black point, WhatsApp will crash”. Click on contained in the text point really gives this effect.

The “bomb” effect as on Android and iOS gadgets. When you try to open links smartphones. to return to its former state by using a forced reboot.

Codes “text bombs” published in the web application, Pastebin, access to them has anyone. The reference is to overload the service WhatsApp abundance of characters (their number reaches several tens of thousands). This causes a “hang” the program.

In early may among of messenger users spread a spam message, clicking on which WhatsApp is hung. Then review directly warned of the possibility “to suspend” service for some time. Victims distribution became the owners of gadgets on Android.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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