In space have found a new kind of mysterious objects


Image: Kochukhov

A team of astronomers under the direction of Oleg Kochukhov from Uppsala University (Sweden) reported the discovery of the first of its kind magnetic early-type stars in zatmeni-binary system. About it reported in a press release on

Until now it was thought that the magnetic early-type stars can be in binary systems, since their magnetic field should prevent fragmentation protsvetanie clouds and the formation of multiple rotating around each other objects.

Astronomers have observed a binary system HD 66051 whose photometric characteristics indicated the presence of a weak magnetic field one component — HD 66051 A. the results of the study showed that it was chemically peculiar stars (CP-star) In a class that is different from stars of the same spectral class some features, including anomalies in the chemical composition and magnetic field.

HD 66051 A nearly 2.8 times more than the Sun and is 3.2 times more massive than him and his neighbor — HD 66051 B — 1.39 times, and 1.75 times more massive. The orbital period of the system is 4.75 per day.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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