On Yamal found Ghost town


Photo: Safron Golikov / “Kommersant”

Legislative Assembly of Yamal reported the need to eliminate the settlement of the Polar Urals is revealed that the settlement on the records of the Federal registration service, not even a village, and a train station in the middle of the Ural mountains, in which live only two people, according to Ura.ru.

“Lives there the man said that the housing allocated to them “work”, later he was offered to move to the station “Yelets”, but he does not want it. Visually seen that the house is in disrepair. Thus, the village is virtually absent”, — said the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Yamal Marat Abdrakhmanov, who visited the station.

The station is located on 122 km of the line “Labytnangi — Moscow”. It consists of several abandoned farm buildings and half-demolished house in which no registration live couple — employees of the railway. The village is listed in the Federal registration service as Yamal, but during the proceedings it became clear that it belongs to the neighbouring Komi Republic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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