Producer Lars von Trier has promised to “never spank on the ass”


Peter Ålbæk Encantado: Nationalkonservativ / YouTube

Danish producer Peter Aalbaek Jensen has promised to “stop slapping people on the ass” after being around the Studio Zentropa broke the sex scandal. He told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I always been funny, and the 20 years that I worked at, I was spanked Asses, boys and girls, but I never tried to fuck anyone. But today it looks different than five, 10, 15 years ago… And I won’t spank on the ass,” said Jensen.

Earlier, nine former employees of the Studio have charged 62-year-old producer of sexual harassment, saying that he touched their Breasts and humiliated. After that the Danish authorities have launched an investigation.

Peter Aalbaek Jensen has produced several films by Lars von Trier, including such films as “Manderlay”, “Breaking the waves”, “Dancer in the dark”, “Dogville” and “Antichrist”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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