Scheme uncovered disposal site “Sound”


Photo: Gennady Gulyaev / Kommersant

The old part of the landfill “Sound” in Volokolamsk district will build the system of forced evacuation and burning of landfill gas and local treatment facilities for leachate, a threat to the ecology of the liquid produced by rotting garbage. On Thursday, may 10, reports TASS.

Disposal system work gas in June, forced degassing will reduce the risk of self-ignition of landfills and the negative impact of odours on nearby residents.

“The principle of degasification systems is almost the same for all landfills of the Moscow region. In the “body” of the landfill, vertical wells are drilled, they put in a tube, — explained in the Ministry of ecology and nature management of Moscow region. Tubes are fed to the horizontal hanomagstrasse and through the pumps shown on the installation for burning — torch”.

Parallel with the installation of torch landfill will be covered with several layers of different materials to isolate the dump from the external environment.

After the construction of wastewater treatment plants, the leachate will be collected in drainage wells at the base of the landfill and accumulated in a special tank or pond drive. From there the fluid will be directed to your local installer for neutralization. The resulting clean process water can be used in any production or released into the sewage system, the report States.

On 2 April the Governor of the region Andrei Vorobyov said that the new part of the landfill “Sound” will take waste only from the adjacent districts of the Moscow region.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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