Tajik received nine years in prison for “likes” and “classes” in social networks


Photo: Thomas Peter / Reuters

In Tajikistan, the court sentenced to 9,5 years of imprisonment resident of the Vakhsh district of Khatlon region of Alicona Sharipova for the fact that he pressed the Like button and “Class”” under videos with the speeches of the leader of the banned in the country of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT). It is reported “Radio Ozodi” (local service of “Radio Liberty”).

The verdict of the Khatlon regional court in the criminal case against Sharipov was sentenced the other day. Source “Radio Ozodi” claims that the man convicted of committing a crime under part 2 of article 307 (“Public calls to violent change of the constitutional order of the Republic of Tajikistan with the using media or the Internet”) the Criminal code of the country.

According to the investigation, Sharipov, while working in Russia, constantly watched the videos of the meetings of the political Council of the party in exile, video interviews, party leader of the IRPT M. Kabiri with the former Deputy Minister of defense of abouhalima Nazarzadeh. “In approval of [Sharipov] pressed the Like button and “Class”. In addition, he shared these videos with other users of social networks,” — said the publication source.

Sharipov was detained by law enforcement officers of Tajikistan on 3 January in his native village Mehrobod Vakhsh district. During interrogation he admitted that he often watched the video with Kabiri and Nazarzadeh, but did not even know that it is illegal.

The Islamic Renaissance party of Tajikistan was banned in the Republic by a decision of the Supreme court of 29 September 2015. During the civil war in Tajikistan, the IRP was part of the United Tajik opposition, which opposes the government of the Republic. After the signing in 1997 of the peace agreement between the government and the opposition party was registered in Ministry of justice of the country.

The civil war in Tajikistan lasted from 1992 to 1997. Causes of conflict were inter-clan and religious differences, during the conflict killed about 60 thousand people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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