The British published a naked photo of her opponent, gathered the huskies and went on trial


Photo: Diomedia

Shanell Leadbeater (Leadbeater Chanelle) from the British Middlesbrough was sentenced to compulsory labour for publishing a Nude photo of her rival. According to the Mirror, the girls feuded since childhood.

Leadbeater uploaded to Facebook the image that she received from a young man of the victim. The post with the picture has received 144 likes. At trial, the victim stated that the publication of personal files was humiliating.

Act 24-year-old Leadbeater explains a long-standing hatred of the girl to the rival. As it became known to the investigators, they disliked each other since high school, and this hostility has continued. The plaintiff even blocked Leadbeater and all of her family members in social networks. After the publication of photos of relationships strained: offender came to the victim’s house and demanded trial for the fists. When she realized that the girl is not going to communicate with her, Leadbeater has damaged her car.

The court took into account the remorse of the defendant and a full confession of her guilt: Leadbeater, was sentenced to 120 hours of compulsory labor, a fine of 300 pounds (more than 25 thousand rubles), and one year’s probation. Contact with the victim the next three years, the girl is forbidden, otherwise the sentence will be revised in favor of imprisonment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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