The Chinese returned the suitcase c the money for the breakup


Photo: Reuters

In the Chinese city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, the police returned to the owner at the bar forgotten the suitcase with the money that he brought his ex-girlfriend to pay the breakup with her. This publication reports the Global Times.

A young man from a wealthy family working in the field of IT, came to the bar to negotiate with the ex-girlfriend about the Board for the breakup. He said that he had with him only two million yuan (19.4 million rubles), left the suitcase with the money and left. The amount did not satisfy the girl, who expected to receive several million yuan more. She touched the suitcase and left, too. “Then I called him and told him that I did not take money, he takes them,” she says.

The next morning, the bar staff discovered a suitcase left with the bills and called the police. Law enforcement bodies managed to establish who he could belong. Returning the money, the police officer advised the young man in the future to be more careful with such large sums of money. “Two million is big?” — asked in response to that.

In China there is a custom that allows the girl to claim the fee for a breakup (“fanshaw Fay”) or emotional compensation (“Ganzen pacan”) in the case of a breakup with a young man, whom she, in her opinion, gave the best years. Also found the reverse situation, when the money requires a man. Sometimes these disputes reach court. In 2008, according to Forbes, the Beijing court ordered the man to pay ex-girlfriend 30 million yuan (291 thousand). In Anhui province, the court hearing the appeal of a woman who demanded for the separation of 100 thousand yuan (970 thousand), concluded that laws requiring to pay such sum, not.

In March it was reported that the relatives of the resident of the Chinese provinces of Shanxi was amazed that his parents are Ukrainian brides demanded a ransom for her. In China relatives of the bride usually require the consent of 200 million yuan (1.8 million rubles) and the apartment.

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