The US feared Russian fighter in China


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A powerful fighter, standing in the air force China is the su-35 Russian-made, poses a grave danger to the American military, believes The National Interest.

“Flanker-E (the name of su-35 NATO classification — approx. “Of the”), arguably the most capable air force fighter of China, in addition to the fighter’s stealth Chengdu J-20 (Chinese fifth generation fighter — approx. “Of the”), which is unlikely to be fully functional, even if you reach a certain level of operational capability”, — writes the edition.

It is noted that the su-35, China air force in 2018 will receive a new missile of class “air-air” long range PL-15, which can be used in particular for the “attack on the American tanker aircraft” and the aircraft airborne early warning Boeing E-3 Sentry, having “crucial for carrying out air operations over the Pacific ocean”.

The National Interest notes that China has created its own fighter Shenyang J-16, which, although intended to compete with su-35 in reality still inferior to the Russian aircraft.

“Thus, the introduction of su-35 significantly increased the possibilities of China and increases headaches for the American military in case of war,” the paper concludes.

Su-35C — multi-role fighter of the 4++ generation, the last combat aircraft, built on the platform T-10C, which became the basis for the fighters of family su-27/su-30 and their modifications. The purchased aircraft of the Russian air force (two contracts, a total of 98 cars). Also the fighter version of the su-35СК was sold to China (24 aircraft, to date, 14 aircraft transferred to, other delivery scheduled for 2018).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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