A serial rapist with African turned up in London


Photo: Peter Nicholls / Reuters

British police announced in the search for a serial rapist attacking South-East London. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Law enforcement agencies issued on Friday, may 11, the frame with the suspect walking down the street past the fence. Reportedly, this young man aged about 20 years old with dark skin. He’s thin, his height is around 155 cm.

“His hair style Afro, hair length three to four inches (7-10 centimeters). Several attacks he made in a dark jacket with a hood that was put on his head, dark pants or jeans and sneakers. Sometimes he also wore gloves,” — said a police spokesman.

The last time the suspect attacked women in late April, the London boroughs, Ladywell and Luis, however, it is believed that the attacks he could do from December 2017. The exact number of crimes the guards are not called. At the same time, the police indicated that the young people can be associated even with a large number of attacks than is considered because many of the victims gave similar descriptions of the attacker.

At the end of April employee of the British police were subjected to sexual violence during the arrest of a suspect in the attempted rape in Sheffield city centre.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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