American wanted blood lover and sent him 65 thousand messages


Photo: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

Resident of the American city Phoenix, Arizona, was arrested for harassment and threats against men, which she learned thanks to Dating website. About it reports Fox News.

31-year-old Jacqueline Ades (Ades Jacqueline) seriously interested new friends, despite the fact that they’ve only been out on one date. She began to haunt him: in total, she wrote him 65 thousand messages. Sometimes men received about 500 messages a day.

Twice the victim said the girl to law enforcement because she was parked in front of his house and continued to send hundreds of messages. After the police got rid hauntingly familiar from the house of American, she switched to threats.

In particular. in one of the letters means that she wants to take a bath filled with the blood of the sacrifice. Ades also threatened the man’s murder and compared himself to Adolf Hitler, who was called “genius”.

The object of her persecution in recent times went to the police when he saw the footage from surveillance cameras that Ades had a bath in his house when he was absent. Police detained the girl and found her car knife for butchers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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