Americans repented in an attempt to remove the turban from a religious Minister


Navdeep, Pinspot: Mark Blinch / Reuters

The Minister of industry of Canada Navdeep bynes accepted an apology from the authorities of the United States for trying to remove his religious headwear. About it reports TV channel CTV News.

Bynes told reporters that a year ago in the airport of the American city of Detroit during the inspection the officer asked him to remove a turban, but he refused. “Wearing turban is my religious duty, — the politician said. — Please remove it really upset me”.

The canadian Minister had to undergo additional screening, despite the fact that by law, a Sikh, who is a Minister shall not be obliged to remove turban at airports.

“Once they realized who I was, and saw my diplomatic passport, I was immediately released,” said bynes. He noted that such behavior of the airport employees spoke about the discrimination faced by many ordinary people. “I understand that security is important, but rules are rules,” he added.

As writes the edition, the transportation security Administration, the United States recognized that the inspection was conducted with violations and apologized.

In 2015, Spanish newspaper La Razón published a picture of living in Canada Sikh who introduced him to a terrorist. “One of the terrorists that could cross the Greek border with the Syrian refugees,” — said in the caption under the picture.

The Sikh nation living in North-West India. Sikh communities exist in many countries around the world, including in Canada. By 2001, there were about 300 thousand Sikhs. Representative of the nation is the Minister of national defence of Canada harjit Singh Sajjan. His family moved to Vancouver from the Indian Punjab in 1975, when he was five years old.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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