Blacks made Starbucks become a public toilet


Photo: Ron Todt / AP

The chain Starbucks changed the policy of access to toilets in their coffee shops. As informed Business Insider, now they can be used by those who did not buy anything.

As stated by the company’s Chairman Howard Schultz, Starbucks “did not wish to become public toilet”. However, the network decided to open access for all because he did not want someone to feel worse than others, he said.

Schultz added that this was done after the incident with two black men in Philadelphia, which was not allowed in the bathroom. “We had such a loose policy that you could use the toilet if she bought something. The decision was made by the Manager,” he explained. In the scandalous case of African Americans, according to him, the employee eventually “took the heinous decision to call the police.”

Incident men occurred in a Starbucks in Philadelphia in mid-April. The school did not allow two African Americans who waited in the coffee shop, his business partner, to use the bathroom. Employees called the police. In the end, the men spent in the Department for several hours, after which they were released without charges.

Later it became known that the authorities of Philadelphia will pay the men one dollar of compensation. The administration also will allocate 200 thousand dollars for a program of assistance to young entrepreneurs. Starbucks, in turn, will pay the men compensation and private pay tuition at Arizona state University.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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