Dagestani police staged a duel on the service weapon and wounded a passerby


Photo: George Zimarev / RIA Novosti

MIA of Dagestan has ordered an internal review of the conflict of the two police officers are injured from guns each other and a passerby who tried to stop them. On Friday, may 11, the representative of the press service of the Republican police told TASS.

“During the conflict, two policemen shot each other with pistols. One was tangential (wound) and after the aid was released, the second is hospitalized. Wounded and a civilian who tried to stop the conflict, police officers, after helping he also released home”, — said the interior Ministry.

Currently on the incident, which occurred on the night of 10 may, official inspection. Both “solo” work in the police Department of the city of Izberbash at the time of the conflict were not on duty. “By results of check will be involved in responsibility as employees, and their immediate leadership,” said the police.

16 Feb 27-the summer Sergeant of police mayrbek Tashaev shot from the service gun of a local businessman 36-year-old Apti Dudaeva: the murder occurred in the village of Alkhan-Yurt, Urus-Martan district.

According to media reports, a few years ago Dudaeva had a conflict with a man by the name Magomadov, and he shot him the kind of duel. The investigation into the murder for some reason was discontinued. The tashaev cousin Magomadov decided to avenge the alleged murderer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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