Forgotten Russian gun flashed in the parade


Frame: GuberniaTV / YouTube

Soldiers of the separate motorized rifle brigade of the Eastern military district marched in the parade in Khabarovsk on may 9 with assault rifles an-94. The attention it drew military blog bmpd.

“Motorized parade suddenly marched with already seemed forgotten in the army machines Nikonov,” said the authors.

The passage of the infantry captured the footage broadcast of the parade, which is posted on the YouTube channel GuberniaTV (approximately 36:21).

An-94 was designed at the turn of the 1970-ies and 1980-ies of the Soviet designer Gennady Nikonov. The machine won the competition announced by the Ministry of defense of the USSR, and according to test results was recommended for adoption. However, this process was delayed, and finally the an-94 was adopted for service Russian army in 1997. However, the machine due to increased demands for skills arrow did not become a mass — used it only some special units of the army and the interior Ministry.

In the list of machines, which in January of this year was adopted for inclusion in the set of combat equipment “Warrior”, an-94 is not included.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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