Hundreds of Africans inexplicably died in the Congo


Photo: Al-Hadji Kudra Maliro / AP

In Congo, for unexplained reasons, in March and April killed more than 120 people. This is stated in the UN report on the humanitarian situation, reports on Friday, may 11, Reuters.

As reported by the authorities of the North-Eastern Congo, unexplained death died internally displaced persons in Kandoi (Ituri region) — near the border with Uganda. 93 of them were under the age of 15. It is noted that before his death they have often seen symptoms of anemia and fever. “Still it wasn’t carried out an official investigation on the epidemiological situation”, — the report says.

Ituri was one of the last provinces in which there were riots and clashes after the country’s President Joseph Kabila refused to resign at the expiration of the term. He has been in power since 2001 and had to resign to December 20, 2016, however is still in charge of the country.

The Agency points out that in the Congo among the population is also widespread malnutrition. In addition, in the North-West of the country this week was a new outbreak of the disease caused by Ebola virus.

In March it was reported that the outbreak of Lassa fever in Nigeria, which began in January, was unprecedented. The disease spread faster and farther than ever before.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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