Identified new signs of alien life


Image: NASA

University of California researchers found that characteristics of the change of seasons exoplanets, which theoretically can be observed using powerful space telescopes, it is possible to detect signs of the existence of alien life. For example, vegetation cover in summer reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of the Northern hemisphere. About it reported in a press release on

Astrobiologists believe that the telescopes of the next generation will help with rather high accuracy to determine the atmospheric composition of exoplanets and to measure changes in the concentration of individual gases within a year. Seasonal changes that occur because of the inclination of axis and motions of the planets around the Sun, affect the activity of the organisms which, in turn, determine the condition of the air shell.

Scientists simulated the fluctuations of atmospheric oxygen on the planet with an atmospheric composition similar to earth billions of years ago, when there were only bacteria. They also described the seasonal changes of other gases, including carbon dioxide and methane. It turned out that a good token is ozone, which is formed by chemical reactions involving molecular oxygen emitted by living organisms.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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