In Australia committed the most mass for 20 years shooting


Photo: Jason Reed / Reuters

Seven people, including four children died as a result of the mass shooting in Australia since 1996. About it reports TV channel ABC News.

The bodies of two adults with gunshot wounds were on the street, five more were found inside the house in Osmington in the West of the country.

The representative of police of the city Chris Dawson (Chris Dawson) reported that all the victims, presumably, lived in the house where the crime occurred.

A suspect since the police are treating the incident as a murder-suicide and trying to contact the relatives of the victims. “We will pursue the investigation of this terrible crime,” he added.

The identity of the victims and their age are also not disclosed.

The mass murder in Australia’s history — the shooting of 35 people at Port Arthur in April 1996. 28-year-old man opened fire on visitors of a café semi-automatic AR-15 rifle. During the shooting, who were wounded, survived 22. The offender was sentenced to 35 life sentences.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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