In the United States named unique weapons of Russia


Photo: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti

High-precision aircraft missile complex “Dagger” is unique outside Russia, the author writes The National Interest’s Dave Majumdar.

“No other country has a ballistic missile air launch, so Moscow is right, believing that “Dagger” has no equivalent outside Russia”,— said the expert.

According to him, Russian rocket is “able to maneuver in flight and has an unpredictable trajectory, which makes it difficult to intercept”, but it is not a hypersonic weapon, as it is not equipped with a hypersonic ramjet engine (this Majumdar said back in March 2018).

“Thus, in the end, the “Dagger” weapon”, — concludes the analyst.

“Dagger” was first proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in March 2018. According to reports, “the Dagger” is a modernized version of the quasi-ballistic single-stage-managed 9M723 solid rocket complex “Iskander”, which acts as a supersonic all-weather fighter-interceptor long-range MiG-31.

In April 2018, The Diplomat said that currently aeroballistic missiles includes not only Russia, but also China.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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