Iran accused Israel of aiding ISIS


Photo: Carl Court / Getty Images

Iran accused Israel of aiding the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), and sowing chaos in the middle East. This is stated in the letter that the representative of a country in the UN, gholamali, Khosro sent to the Secretary General of the organization Antonio Gutteres, reports the Jerusalem Post.

“The reckless actions of the Jewish state only helped ISIS and other terrorist groups in the region”, — stated in the document.

As writes the edition, in the text we are talking about the Israelis shot down Iranian drone in February this year. “Obviously, evidence of Israeli complicity with terrorists is enough. This incident has shown how Jerusalem is trying to destabilize the region,” wrote Khosro.

Earlier may 11, Tehran has also accused the Jewish state of violating the sovereignty of Syria, gave the Agency IRNA. “Repeated attacks of Zionist regime on Syrian territory under the self-proclaimed and unsubstantiated pretexts, amounting to gross violation of Syrian sovereignty and goes against all international conventions,” said foreign Ministry spokesman Iran Bahram qasemi. He added that the silence of the international community gives the green light for the continuation of such measures.

The Israeli military on the night of 10 may attacked military targets by Iranian forces in Syria, thus responding to the shelling of its positions in the Golan heights from jet systems of volley fire. According to the defense Ministry, the RAID using F-15 and F-16 lasted two hours, during this time, Israel launched 60 air missiles and 10 tactical a class “earth — earth”. The attack was subjected to various regions of Syria, which stationed the Iranian security forces and funds to the Syrian air defense.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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