Merkel angered Karl Lagerfeld


Carl Lagerfeldt: Christian Charisius / DPA /

Fashion designer and creative Director of French fashion house Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld said that he hates German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her policy towards refugees, according to Berliner Morgenpost.

“The paradox is that in trying to right a wrong, she ensured that evil access to power. Now, a hundred neo-Nazis sit in the Bundestag — said Lagerfeld in an interview with French magazine Le Point. — If this continues, I will refuse German citizenship”.

In April 2018, Karl Lagerfeld wowed the fans rude remarks about models in an interview with French publication Numero. He, in particular, said that for female models who refuse “to take off pants”, “a”will always have a place in the monastery,” and the male models he called “stupid.”

Karl Otto Lagerfeld is a German fashion designer and photographer. Worked in the fashion houses of Fendi, Chloe, Krizia. The company, called his name, he founded in 1974. He currently holds the post of creative Director of the fashion house Chanel. Also runs a monthly section of the cartoons in the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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