Photos bitten tat was blocked by the FCC


Photo: Natalia Loginova / “Kommersant”

The user of the entertainment portal Pikabu said about blocking the pictures of the tat in one of the map apps. In the opinion of the moderators of the service, the image violated ethical standards.

The user told how he visited the cookery in city Vychegda, was dissatisfied with the food and decided to write a review. He took a picture of poor-quality products, and published in the app 2GIS. However, after some time, the moderators hid the post, calling the picture inappropriate.

“The photo doesn’t meet ethical standards”, — reported in the letter. Screenshot author attached to the post. “Interestingly, in this company it is forbidden to look at a half-eaten pork or meat pies?” — he asked ironically.

The post quickly became popular and attracted several hundred comments. One of the users suggested that the tat was so bad that not only the author but also the staff of the cartographic service: “You’re belasik not liked, why they should like?” However, the majority of users agreed that such food may not cause a rejection, so loved by many Russians. Some accused the application oversight: according to the observations of the users, the tat became a victim of not only employees but the moderating of the neural network, which does not always correctly recognize inappropriate content.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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