Prime Minister of Moldova refused to unite the country with Romania


Paul Philippot: Alexei vitvitskiy / RIA Novosti

Moldova is a sovereign and independent state, its unification with Romania at the moment excluded. On Friday, may 11, the newspaper the Guardian said Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip.

“Too much has been said about the reunion, identity, language, and I want to see concrete steps in the development of the country,” he said.

Filip said that Moldova is a sovereign state, independent from Romania. He is convinced that the two countries will work together in the European Union.

The politician pointed out that relations with Romania are at “historical highs”, but warned of external players from interfering in the internal Affairs of Moldova. “We have countries that warmed up [the nationalist] sentiment,” he said, referring to Russia and Romania. “We don’t want to be drawn into this game,” — said Philip.

The idea of rapprochement and even unification of Moldova with Romania in both countries support policies, called unionists. Symbolic rapprochement between the two States began before the collapse of the USSR, when Moldova was created by the Pro-Romanian popular front, soon came to power. National flag of the country was then recognized as blue-yellow-red tricolor, is identical to Romanian. Anthem of the Republic for some time was the composition of the Romanian-te, Wake up! (“Wake up, Romanians!”).

In November 1918, the Sfatul ţării, the then existing state authority in Bessarabia, in the absence of a quorum made the decision on the unconditional accession of the Moldavian democratic Republic to Romania. Soon after, he was abolished, and the following 22 years Bessarabia was part of Romania. In 1940 king of Romania Carol II accepted the ultimatum note of the Soviet Union, never recognized this Union, and handed over to the Soviet Union Bessarabia, Northern Bukovina and the Hertz area. Currently, the Bessarabian territory is divided between Ukraine and Moldova.

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