Published a refutation of the charges Rodchenkova


Gregory Radchenkove: Netflix / Entertainment Pictures / Zuma

The investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) has published evidence refuting the accusations of the informant, the world anti-doping Agency Gregory Rodchenkov. The documents were sent to WADA. This was reported on the website of the Department.

The result sent to WADA copies of the Protocol transmission to the doping tests of several Russian athletes and other documents for their registration during the Olympic games in Sochi. It is noted that all the tests came to the lab in the daytime and between an hour to two hours went to the study.

Thus, the investigation considers refuted by the words Rodchenkova that a doping sample Russians after collection were stored in the laboratory, and went on their substitution on clean samples. The fact that any manipulation has denied the staff questioned the Sochi anti-doping laboratory.

April 26, Rodchenkov at hearings in the court of arbitration for Sport rejected some of the allegations against Russian athletes. The informant stated that never gave doping cocktail “Duchess” athletes from Russia and not seen to eat it yourself or have received any instructions for use. In addition, Rodchenkov said that he had not seen Russian athletes passed the “clean” urine for the purpose of substitution “dirty” doping tests. According to the scientist, his eyes no athlete has not manipulated their tests.

The former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory from the beginning of 2016 is in the USA. With his confessions and began an investigation about the Russian state system of substitution of positive doping tests, which supposedly functioned during the Olympic games in Sochi. In result the Russian team was barred from participating in the Olympics in 2018. In South Korea, the athletes went to the status of “Olympic athlete from Russia.”

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