Ratajkowski wearing a hat from the 90’s and talked about personal


Emily Ratkovskaya: cover of Marie Claire

American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski was photographed for the cover of the French magazine Marie Claire and told the fans about how difficult it is to be known. About it writes Daily Mail.

For publication, the actress posed in a recently returned into fashion Burberry Panama and noodle in his hands.

In an interview, Ratajkowski announced her wedding, which took place in February 2018, were perceived by the public ambiguously. “On the one hand, a happy event, but some people blamed my fiancé off. They said give us a maximum of three weeks,” — said the model.

Suit from the brand Zara, which she wore on the engagement, also has not caused enthusiasm. “I wore what I wanted to wear. I really think this outfit really suits me and most importantly I feel comfortable,” commented Rutkowski.

In addition, the actress shared some unpleasant history associated with its popularity: “I remember there was an article titled “Emily Ratajkowski — Mozart the chest”, which was sent to my father and he sent me. It was awful. For him I’m still a small child.”

The model also highlighted their views on feminism. “We grow up in a Patriarchal culture where a woman sees and perceives themselves through the eyes of men. But if a woman decided that she just wants to love himself, whether it be cargo? I don’t know the answer. This is the feminism. Is freedom of choice. Do only what you really want,” said the girl.

In February, American supermodel Emily Ratajkowski got married in costume Zara. The girl surprised his followers by posting on a social network Instagram photo with the caption: “Itaac, I have a surprise. I got married today”. Husband made Sebastian bear-Mcclard, whom she met just a few weeks.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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