Recorded the biggest wave in the southern hemisphere


Photo: Eloy Alonso / Reuters

Automatic weather station recorded a wave height of 23.8 meters near the island of Campbell. This is the largest wave in the open ocean, recorded by drifting buoys in the southern hemisphere. About it reported in a press release on

The phenomenon occurred during a violent storm 700 kilometers South of New Zealand. Was beaten the previous record, set in 2012, when the southern hemisphere was a wave height of 22.03 m. According to scientists, the storm could generate even more high waves, but the buoy they are not registered. Weather station is turned on for 20 minutes every three hours to conserve its battery.

In 2013, the world meteorological organisation recorded in the North Atlantic, a wave height of 19 meters. The largest wave in history have generated a landslide due to an earthquake in the Gulf Lituya (Alaska) in 1958. Then the water level due to subsidence of a large volume of rock in a narrow Bay rose to more than 500-meter height.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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