Samoilov explain the failure on “Eurovision”


Julia Samoilovite: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

The mother of the singer Yulia Samoilova Rita Samoilov spoke about the daughter’s feelings after the failure of the song contest “Eurovision-2018”. Her words are quoted by

According to the woman immediately upon his return to Moscow, the family will take part in the program “Let them talk”. “Of course, we will transfer to cohosting. Despite all the experiences, we did not think to refuse participation in the transfer. Because it is necessary to explain to everyone why it happened,” said the mother of the artist.

Rita Samoilov added that “Julia was broken before the performance.” “It happened after the first wave of negativity, when they aired the clip. And what is now happening on the Internet, not even a simple gesture, even words can not pick up. Last year she was supported. And this flows like one negative. So everyone already knew that the girl was going to “Eurovision” broken” — she complained.

She added that the program will be discussed that the failure of the singer to blame her team. “Actually, I think that the “Eurovision” means to stand out, because it is a country that face. And it initially turned do not know how,” concluded the mother of the performer.

Samoilov sang the song I Won’t Break in the second semifinal of “Eurovision”, held in Lisbon on the night of 11 may. The vote of the audience and the jury, the artist does not hit the top ten finalists. Her statement appeared online and gathered almost 20 thousand dislikes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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