Star Playboy got rid of the not-run company which fits in a wedding dress chest


Ashley Alexisrae: @ashalexiss

American plus-size model Ashley Alexis (Ashley Alexiss) had surgery for breast reduction to fit in a wedding dress. About it reports Fox News.

Surgeons worked for seven hours and removed 1.8 kg of tissue. After the operation the circumference of the chest, constituting 104-106 cm (size 36G), decreased by four inches (size 36DD). The recovery period will take at least six months.

According to Alexis, she is thinking about breast reduction in the past year, but the desire visited her before. 27-year-old model claims that large Breasts cause pain in the back, hurt her shoulder joint and trapezius muscles, as well as spoil posture. “When it turned out that she does not fit in the wedding dress, this was the last straw,” she says.

At 21, Alexis did mammoplasty and was not satisfied with the result of silicone implants was more than she had planned. The situation was complicated by the fact that her Breasts continued to increase in a natural way. Reducing the size of the implants and removal of excess skin, which the model made a few years ago, has not solved the problem.

After shooting for Elle, Maxim and Playboy Alexis compare with Ashley Graham, is considered the most complete supermodel in the world. With the growth of 162 cm, she buys clothes size 50. On account of Alexis in Instagram signed by 1.3 million people.

In April it was reported that the British resident of Skegness independently removed from their silicone breast implants without anesthesia making the skin incisions with a scalpel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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