The Chinese spent a fortune on grooming dogs


Frame: Caters Clips / YouTube

A resident of the Chinese capital spent on grooming my dogs for almost a quarter of a million yuan (2.4 million rubles). Reported by the Daily Mail.

29-year-old Kevin Chan, working as a marketing Director in Beijing, says that 100 million yuan had gone only accessories for grooming his three year old Afghan hound named battle. In addition, each month he spends 4.5 thousand yuan (44 thousand) for shampoos and cosmetic products for dogs.

Male daily sprays coat dog nutrient solution, then combing it, detangling the tangles and sprinkle talcum powder. It takes six to eight hours a week. Battle washed three to four times per month. In those days, the care of his hair out for six to eight hours.

“When the battle was younger, I spent two hours a day to brush him and now manage just over an hour, says Chan. But he became a member of the family, so I’m not sorry to spend the money and time”.

In January it was reported that in China, spread habit, which supporters dubbed Whately cats. Every day they spend hours tinkering with their Pets and spend on caring for them a significant share of their income.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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