The giant cactus killed the resting retired


Photo: Google Street View

A resident of the French city of Le Cannet died from her injuries after she fell down a giant cactus. It is reported by Le Parisien.

The incident took place in Monaco, where 92-year-old woman came to rest. While walking on the street near the large stairs at the Frenchwoman was suddenly saddled with huge cactus. In the accident she was taken to a nearby hospital.

With her was also a few people: 60-year-old man was injured leg, another 50-year-old woman complained of back pain after the incident.

On the death of an elderly woman said her grandson in Facebook. Information was confirmed by the security personnel.

The incident launched an investigation. While the causes of the fall of unusually massive cactus could not figure out.

In March a study was published which focuses on the case of death in the fall resting on a beach umbrella. Experts have found that a woman received a fatal penetrating wound to the chest in a collision with the tip flying in the wind of the subject.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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