The parents surrendered to the police killing an abusive husband daughter


Photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran / Reuters

In Sudan were sentenced to death a teenage girl stabbed an abusive husband. The police turned her own parents, reports CNN.

Nur Hussein (Noura Hussein) was married at the age of 15, when she escaped and three years in hiding with his aunt. With her husband’s family tricked her returned father. When the girl refused to spend the wedding night with her husband, he raped her.

“Mother and two cousins of the men tried to persuade her, but when she refused, punched and forced to do it by force. One held her head and shoulders, the other two — legs”, — told reporters the girl’s lawyer Adil Mohamed al-Imam (Adil Mohamed Al-Imam).

The next day, the husband again tried to force her to have sex, however, she, defending himself, stabbed him. From the received wounds he died. 19-year-old girl ran away to her parents for support, but they turned her in to police.

During the investigation of the girl’s lawyer refused to defend it, then al-Imam began to work with her for free. It is noted that parents Nura also turned away from her. The court handed down a death sentence, which the defense may appeal within 15 days. The relatives of the murdered, it was suggested that the highest measure of monetary compensation, but they insisted on execution.

The decision caused a public outcry. At the last hearing in the courthouse came to support the victim people. “The court is completely full. People gathered to support Nuru,” wrote one Twitter user.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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