The personnel Department of a capital Central Board of the police stole the money of widows and disappeared


Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

In the personnel Department of the MIA, including the office of the former head of the Department, on Friday, may 11, was the seizure of documents, said “the” a source in law enforcement bodies. According to him, the investigators established, where did the money intended for financial assistance to the widows of police officers and police injured in the line of duty.

“At the beginning of April it became known that part of the funds allocated for financial assistance to the families of the victims and the victims actually disappeared in an unknown direction. In any case, to the recipients, they have not reached. An official audit showed that the funds likely were stolen, not without the participation of the officers of the Central Board. In this regard, on 13 April of the bodies of internal Affairs were dismissed Deputy head of Department on work with the personnel — the head of the personnel Directorate of the Moi of Russia in Moscow Yevgeny Panov, and all materials submitted to TFR”, — said our interlocutor.

Source “” said that the seizure of documents is not searched, and activities are carried out with the knowledge and with the full support of the head of the MIA of Lieutenant-General of police Oleg Baranov. The location dismissed the Colonel is installed, it has been missing for two weeks

In a capital Central Board of the Ministry of interior has officially stated that information about the searches is untrue, and from other comments have refrained.

Investigative actions in the building of GU MVD in Moscow are held regularly, but they are almost always made out as “seizure of documents”, as the police leadership gives voluntary consent to the work of investigators. So technically, the press service every time denies reports of searches. Recently, in October 2017, the seizure of documents held in legal Department of the Metropolitan police.

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