Women showed problem areas in the name of beauty


Photo: Missguided

American clothing store launched an advertising campaign that supports the imperfections of women. This writes the Independent.

In the new ad for the brand Missgided model with excess weight, skin blemishes and other “flaws” defend “imperfect beauty.”

Inspiring the movement #Inyourownskin advertised six girls, one of which is albino with a full body, the second deep scars on arms and back, and the third suffers from psoriasis, and this is her first job as a model.

“We are now close to empowering women as never before,” commented Maya, the fourth participant in the campaign, suffering from a rare skin disease (epidermolysis bullosa).

Model Mariana was born with a large birthmark on her face and was invited to present the motion.

“Non-commercial approach of the brand shows an important message: to accept their flaws and not seek perfection because it does not exist,” reads the ad campaign.

In early may, the clothing brand plus size navabi has released a promotional campaign called Beach body ready, encouraging larger women to stop being ashamed of your body on the beach. Yellow poster with a picture of three laughing models plus size bikini appeared in the Western part of Central London.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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