Germany predicted the capture of the gas market due to the “Nord stream-2”


Photo: Sergey Guneev / RIA Novosti

Construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” will allow to increase the transportation of Russian gas directly to consumers in Western Europe and will make Germany a gas hub. This was stated by the Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine Olena zerkal, reports TASS.

In her opinion, the position of Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel on “the North-stream-2” is not so categorical, because she understands the darker side of the existence of the pipeline. “Virtually all major gas market will be in Germany. And Germany will dictate policy, at least in Europe, they will control completely, including Hungary and other small countries,” — said zerkal.

She also added that “Nord stream-2” will allow Germany to usurp the privileges of the European energy sector.

Merkel in April said that the project “Northern stream-2” is impossible without the preservation of some quantity of transit gas through Ukrainian territory. While in Berlin emphasize that the construction of the new pipeline is an economic project.

Ukraine opposes the implementation of the project of Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”, which should pass under the Baltic sea and connect Russia and Germany. Kiev has repeatedly stated that the project is political. In April 2018, the Ukrainian authorities have threatened sanctions, international companies participating in the project. Russia charges Ukraine in the political nature of the project denies, claiming that pipeline construction is a purely economic question.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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