One of the richest Ukrainians killed in Montenegro


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Ukrainian citizen Anastasiya Lashmanova found murdered in the Montenegrin town of Kotor. This is with reference to a source in the police, writes local portal Pink M.

A woman’s body with signs of violence and stab wounds discovered on the evening of may 11, near the Villa where he lived Lashmanova. According to the FOS, the motives of the attackers is still unknown, but it is not excluded that the Ukrainian could become a victim of robbers. An investigation has begun.

Lashmanova was the head of several companies, which, in particular, own the hotel complex Perla, located in Tivat, and beauty salon in five star apartment hotel in Budva. Its structure was erected a new hotel. The value of the assets of women is approximately 105 million euros, which, according to RIA Novosti Ukraine, making it one of the richest Ukrainians.

UNIAN adds that Montenegro Lashmanova came a few years ago, having a Russian passport. In the country it is, according to the Agency, first worked as a waitress.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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