The player and the family man revealed lover


Fans at the match, Apphoto: Carl Recine / Reuters

Employee of the fashion industry have talked about what is a lover of football English Premier League (EPL), who is afraid of coming out. It is reported by British tabloid the Sun.

According to 21-year-old employee of the fashion industry, he has for four years Dating a footballer in the Premier League, which has a family and children. The orientation of the player known to many in the EPL, but he fears the reaction of the fans.

“He’s afraid of chants and abuse from the fans, so keep our relationship a secret”, — said the partner of the athlete.

The Sun say that they have information about the name of the player, but the editors do not consider the ethical dissemination.

Last November, two England players were suspected of homosexuality. The Sun speculated about the relationship between goalkeeper Joe HART and defender Kieran of Trippier due to the fact that players hit the camera lens, holding hands.

Then the player “Los Angeles galaxy” Robbie Rogers is openly gay, announced his retirement. Rogers urged other athletes with a different sexual orientation to do coming out.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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