The star of the series “Sweet life” was diagnosed with cancer


Edward Matsaberidze: Instagram

Artist Eduard Matsaberidze said that the doctors diagnosed him with cancer. The actor announced on his page in Instagram.

“Friends, I’ve been going to that to still share what’s going on with me. I think the time has come. And the following happens. I have lymphoma, this cancer and not the kind of citrus, as I would like to believe,” wrote Matsaberidze.

The actor stressed that he is not going to “sit on his ass, blowing snot out of pity and compassion to yourself,” adding that doing it the first three weeks after he was diagnosed. “It’s time to kick some ass, it is in the case of cancer it is, if not, you will have to kick everything to kick this sore!” — wrote Matsaberidze.

The actor said that he decided to talk about the disease to the public, so that people look after their health. “Perhaps I can convince you to have a blood test every six months and once a year to do x-rays”, — he explained.

36-year-old Eduard Matsaberidze known for her role of tigrana in a Comedy series “Sweet life”. He also played in episodes of the TV series Department S. S. S. R” a” and “Classmates”. In addition, the artist participated in Comedy shows “Laughter without rules” and “Lethal League”, and led a culinary travel show “Food, I love you.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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