The Templars denied the robbery of the St. Petersburg Cossacks


Igor Truewhat: Mikhail Voskresensky / RIA Novosti

A former chieftain of the St. Petersburg Cossack community “Cossack guards” Yuriy Bugayev, the suspect in the robbery of the headquarters of the organization, no longer has a relationship to the knights Templar. On Saturday, may 12, reported the radio station “Moscow speaking” the lawyer and the Grand prior of the knights Templar Igor Trunov.

“Once upon a time, a few years ago, we were forced to part with this man, and he’s not a member of the order, so these conversations to us have nothing to do,” explained Trunov.

Grand prior added that random people are in every organization: “to understand who they are, what they breathe and what they represent, need some time. It took us a little time, so we were forced to part with this man, and what he then did, we do not know.”

May 11, the St. Petersburg Cossacks went to the police because of the robbery of their headquarters. According to ataman of the “Cossack guards” Vitaly Tsarkova, was stolen antique checkers, saber, cavalry carbine, whips, whistling the Maltese horn and the dagger. The Cossacks believe that the staff conducted a ritual: the room is scattered rotten fish from the severed head, and the cross-President of the Council of the elderly wearing a white glove. Suspect kings called Bugaeva, who was expelled from the society because of membership in the knights Templar.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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