China started to test the first aircraft carrier of its own design


Photo: Reuters

China started sea trials of its first aircraft carrier of its own production. On Sunday, may 13, reports “Xinhua”.

According to the Agency, on the morning of 13 may, the aircraft carrier left Dalian shipyard and went on a test voyage. It is noted that during the tests in the first place it is planned to test the stability of the power system and other equipment of the vessel. How long will the swimming, not specified.

Second Chinese aircraft carrier project 001A, which was the first vessel of this class of Chinese development, was launched in April 2017. It was built in 2013. It is expected that in the combat fleet, he will go down in 2020 after the range of acceptance tests.

Currently in service with the Chinese Navy consists of one aircraft carrier — “Liaoning”, completed in China on the basis of the former Soviet heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser Varyag purchased from Ukraine in the late 1990-ies.

001A project was built on the model of “Liaoning”, but has several large and a number of design changes. Both ships equipped with launch ramps with angle of separation, respectively, at 14 and 12 degrees. Propulsion type steam turbine.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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