In Moscow found tied to each other teen body


Archived fotofoto: Victoria Viatris / RIA Novosti

From the window of the skyscraper on the Istrinsky street in Moscow fell a boy and a girl, they were 17 years old, reports REN TV.

They died at the scene from his injuries. Information about the discovery of the bodies, according to the channel, confirmed in the capital cupola MIA.

According to eyewitnesses, teenagers were either chained together by handcuffs or something related, presumably with a rope. That found the bodies were tied to each other, reports the Agency “Moscow”, citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

Also REN TV reports that at the scene found a suicide note which stated that the couple asked to bury them together.

In February it was reported of two young sisters from Izhevsk, who committed suicide. One girl was 12 years old, another 15, their bodies were found near one of the tall buildings. One of them before his death left on his page on Instagram the message, which was published the latest photos and videos of sister and asked for forgiveness for the pain caused to loved ones.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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