In the United States compared his hypersonic weapons from the Russian


Photo: Handout / Reuters

USA almost on par with Russia and China in the development of hypersonic weapons, as Washington focused on the creation of non-nuclear missiles. It is stated in the material the American TV channel CNBC.

Earlier, the author notes, the military leadership of the United States has repeatedly claimed that the country lags behind the Eastern States in this respect and, probably, unable to reflect the impact of hypersonic missiles. Military expert Zoe Stanley, Lokman, whose opinion leads the TV channel, said that the US has another goal: if Moscow and Beijing are engaged in nuclear development, Washington focuses on non-nuclear.

Stanley Lokman says that non-nuclear hypersonic missiles aimed at the defeat of smaller goals, so for them, accuracy is important, but for nuclear — no. Thus, the United States can get ahead of the competition.

This also applies to the range, adds the expert for nuclear technologies of the Carnegie endowment’s James Acton. “For example, in the framework of the most successful American research program for the accelerated promotion of weapons the rocket was launched at four thousand kilometers. Like the Chinese missile flew less than two”, he said.

In April it became known that the U.S. air force signed with Lockheed Martin a contract to 928 million dollars, involving the creation of America’s first hypersonic missile, reports FlightGlobal.

In March the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly stated in the country held trials of hypersonic missile complex with the cruise planning unit, which “is characterized by the ability to fly in the dense layers of the atmosphere at Intercontinental range, at hypersonic speeds, exceeding Mach number more than 20 times”. We are talking about complex “Avangard”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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