Kadyrov has blamed France for bringing up a massacre of Chechen


Ramzan, Kadyrovite: said tsarnaev / RIA Novosti

The French authorities are responsible for shaping the views of 20-year-old Hasan Azimov who attacked passers-by in Central Paris, says the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in his Telegram channel on Sunday, may 13.

The head of the Republic confirmed the information to press, saying that the criminal was a native of Russia and had Chechen origins. At the same time, Kadyrov, as well as some Russian media have presented it as Hasan Azimov, whereas French sources call his name Hamzat Asimov (Khamzat Azimov).

“Hasan Azimov do upon reaching 14 years of age received a passport of a citizen of Russia. However, this passport is currently invalid because at the age of 20 have not received a new one. In this connection I consider it necessary to state that the responsibility for what Hasan Azimov on the path of crime falls squarely on the French authorities. In Chechnya he was just born, and growing up, forming his personality, his views and beliefs had occurred in French society,” he said.

Kadyrov said that the West denied the right of parents to educate children, for example, to make notes. “In this case, the authorities all the responsibility for the future of the children themselves, and therefore should bear the responsibility,” he added.

“I am convinced that if he spent his childhood and teenage years in Chechnya, the fate of Hassan would have been different!” — concluded the politician.

Asimov, according to TV channel France 2, in 2010, was granted French citizenship, and he was born in 1997 in Chechnya.

Attack on passers-by in Paris was made on the evening of may 12. In the attack one person was killed and several were injured. The attacker was killed. Responsibility for the incident took on banned terrorist group “Islamic state”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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