The name of the massacre in Paris of the Chechen


Photo: Wladia Drummond / AP

Young man attacked with a knife at passers-by in Central Paris, named Khamzat Asimov (Khamzat Azimov), according to Franceinfo, citing state TV channel France 2.

According to him, Asimov was born in 1997 in Chechnya, and in 2010 he was granted French citizenship.

According to Europe 1, the young man was known to intelligence agencies as a potential threat to national security. It was noted that he was close to radical Islamists, and had some connection with the person in Syria.

Attack on passers-by in Paris was made on the evening of may 12. In the attack one person was killed and several were injured. The attacker was killed. Responsibility for the incident took on banned terrorist group “Islamic state”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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