The translator said the winner of “Eurovision” cow framed Netanyahu


Netta, Barzelatto: Rafael Marchante / Reuters

Twitter incorrectly translated as Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he in Hebrew congratulated compatriot Netta Barzilai with a victory in the Eurovision song contest. About it the correspondent “”.

The Israeli leader, in a tweet called the singer “caparra”, meaning “dear”, “honey” in Hebrew refer to a good friend. Automatic translation the social network issued a phrase: “You cow!” (English and Russian).

Following entry of the President’s Twitter translated: “You’re a real cow. You brought great respect to the nation of Israel! Next year in Jerusalem!”.

Photo: Twitter 1/2

Network users drew attention to the mistake, and hastened to explain to people who do not know Hebrew, what it means. “To avoid any confusion: he calls the net “caparra”, which is similar to the name of a pet, but it’s a good slang word we use to describe each other. It’s just written in Hebrew as the word “cow” (eng. “the cow”),” — said one of the users.

The final of “Eurovision” was held in the night of may 13 in Lisbon. Netta scored 529 points in the voting of the jury and spectators. The second place took the singer from Cyprus, Eleni, Purara, the third line was a performer from Austria césar Sampson. According to the rules of the contest, the next competition should take place in the country, whose representative won.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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