A police officer went to the con with drugs for the sake of dreams about the car wash


Photo: Konstantin Chalabov / RIA Novosti

The Blagoveshchensk city court has sentenced to probation a COP who was going to throw the drugs to the owner of the car to pick up the business. On Monday, may 14, reported the press service of the court.

From the case materials that the senior operative of Department of criminal investigation Department of police №1 Kirsanov instructed previously convicted V. (name withheld) to collect wild-growing hemp, to make her cannabis oil (hash oil), and then pass under false pretenses entrepreneur who owns a car wash.

Thereafter, the police intended to detain the businessman red-handed and demand the factory premises and the land under them under threat of criminal prosecution. However, his co-defendant Vladimir has addressed in FSB and revealed the plans of the employee of criminal investigation Department. In September 2016 the policeman was arrested with the collected plant.

The court found him guilty of abuse of power and drug trafficking and sentenced to three years probation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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