Became known the details of the mass in 20 years of shooting in Australia


Aaron Commentato: The Sydney Morning Herald

The head shot in the Australian city of Osmington family said that the man was 61-year-old grandfather, who has long had such plans. It is reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

Aaron Cockman (Aaron Cockman) told reporters that his mother-in-law Sindhu miles, ex-wife Katrina and their four children who suffered from autism, shot his father-in-law Peter miles (Peter Miles). According to the man, the miles family was very worried because of the health problems my son Peter and Cindy Neil miles (Neil Miles), which reportedly was waiting for surgery for a kidney transplant. Their first son died about 10 years ago.

“I thought if something happens to Neal, Katrina did not survive, can not lose another brother. For Peter and Cindy to lose the second market would also be unthinkable,” said Kocman.

As stated by the man, family problems, miles became the main reason of murder. He added that conflict with family, ex-wife over custody of children: “ever since I was forbidden to see them half a year ago, I was very angry. The blame for this was Peter and Sindh”.

At the same time, Kocman announced that Peter miles was a great man. “I still love the man that he was, but his mental problems… There are people whose bad side you definitely don’t want to know. This was one of Peter and Sindh,” — said the head of the family.

Kochman noted that the children were killed in their sleep and, apparently, before the death they did not Wake up and not feel pain. “I don’t know how he did it. The police said all children lay in bed peaceful and calm,” he added.

According to him, miles shot his first daughter and grandchildren while they slept. Then killed his wife who was in the living room. After that, he called the ambulance and killed himself. His body was found in a chair with a gun between his legs.

The police refused to reveal the contents of conversation the man with the ambulance worker.

Shooting, perfect in Osmington may 11, was the mass murder in Australia in 22 years.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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