British fans are advised not to interfere with vodka and beer in Russia


Photo: Vasily Fedosenko / REUTERS

For British fans made the recommendation of how to behave at the world Cup in Russia. Tabloid the Sun has published some informal advice.

Most of the material is devoted to alcohol. “We, the British, during a booze lose self-control. Russian known for his love of vodka. Connect these two phenomena and get truly lethal combination,” the authors of the articles.

“If you drink with a Russian, drinking. Get ready to say a lot of toasts. Do not drink until the toast is complete — it’s rude. Drink vodka in one gulp, but don’t worry if it doesn’t work. Do not stir the vodka with the beer or you face the inevitable hangover with the worst headache. But you all sooner comes the hangover, which the Russians treated soup”, — stated in the material.

This is followed by recommendations regarding norms of behavior in Russia, and the author returns to the theme of alcohol — “do Not try to compete with local residents in the amount of alcohol consumed. They’ll get completely drunk”

On 23 April the Deputy chief constable of the British County of South Yorkshire mark Roberts has urged the British public not to provoke Patriotic Russians. He expressed the assumption that the increased tension between Moscow and London may cause possible clashes between fans of the two countries at the world Cup.

28 March English sports journalist Martin Lipton expressed criticism regarding the movement of football hooligans, to doubt that the representatives of the “brave enough” to go to the world Cup in Russia. “Unfortunately, this group of fans is a disgrace to our country on a regular basis,” he said. The journalist also called the fans “cowards” and suggested they would not dare to visit Russia. “They are afraid to meet a truly tough guys. Let’s be honest, Russians are not the nice guys,” concluded Lipton.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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